All According to Plan: Flamenco’s continued victories against

The anime series has been licensed by Aniplex USA in North America. Compare Zebraman, a film with similar themes. where he rolls out into the street and winds up looking up a woman’s skirt. She isn’t happy. Act of True Love: Moe Morita proves willing to die in ignoble suffering for the sake of Maya. This act of grace on her part prompts a heartfelt apology from the villain, who in turns delivers a scathing Breaking Speech to Maya for not being sincere in returning the favour. Alien Invasion: Aliens have taken control of governments all over the globe, and Japan was the last stand until the Prime Minister was defeated. All According to Plan: Flamenco’s continued victories against his monsters and the lack of casualties they cause is all apparently part of King Torture’s plans. How this is, we’re not sure of, but we are sure that he has it in for Flamenco to have countless dummies of him that he can torture. And then in episode 10, we find out what the plan is: King Torture’s monsters all had specialized cells in them that, on command, would turn into giant monsters, which in turn would merge with him to become Giant King Torture. On a meta level, as of episode 14, every Checkov’s gun from the seemingly misleading promotional artworks have been fired All Just a Dream: The last arc of the manga. All Myths Are True: In episode 14, Kaname reveals to the Flamen Rangers that all of the heroes on the superhero shows broadcast are real bonafide heroes, and that the shows they put on was really a lesson on teaching good vs evil. They do inspire regular citizens to stand up to From Beyond and fight back. All Love Is Unrequited: Mari has a crush on Goto. The moment Goto realized she likes him she shoots her down and reveals he has a girlfriend. Moe’s crush on Mari also seems one sided. As of Episode 16, Moe’s crush isn’t hopeless any more. Always Identical Twins: Masayoshi and Beyond Flamenco. Subverted, as it’s revealed later that Beyond Flamenco is Masayoshi’s Alternate Self. Ambiguously Bi: Mari offhandedly kisses Moe and develops a crush on Goto. In episode 5, Goto tries to set up a date with his girlfriend, but she is jealous of how much time he’s spending with Masayoshi:Goto: Why can’t we meet right now? It’s hard for me to get time off.

Following the Battle of Endor, Blade Squadron’s roster is left depleted. Fake Static: Moonsong pretends that she can’t hear Stramm due to static and then cuts off her comm when he realizes she is defying orders and leading a bombing run on Moff Pandion’s palace and tries to order her to stop. Inappropriately Close Comrades: Stramm decides that since he is now Moonsong’s commanding officer their relationship cannot continue. New Meat: Two of Blade Squadron’s new members, Cutter Poole and Yori Dahn, have no experience outside of training in starfighters. A third recruit, Jordan Karls, has experience in other starfighters but is new to flying a B Wing. Number Two: Moonsong takes over as Blade Squadron’s second in command. Rank Up: Stramm is officially promoted to commander and given leadership of Blade Squadron, while Moonsong is promoted to lieutenant. Red Shirt: Karls gets pretty much no development or backstory before being killed by crashing into the shield surrounding Malastare. Sole Survivor: Out of the three new squadron members who are introduced, only Dahn survives the Battle of Malastare.

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