Anachronism Stew: The show is set in modern day

Meaningful Name: “Snakeweed” a good name for a snake oil salesman! Agrimony, meanwhile, starts out fairly obnoxious and snotty (although she gets better), and has a name that’s one letter away from “acrimony”. Magical Land: Complete with elves, griffins, pixies, brownies, unicorns, phoenixes, dragons and talking crocodiles. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Whenever Felix or Rhino say a powerword in the third. Same Character, but Different: The Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City was raised by a single mother and had no siblings. This Carrie has a mother who passed away from cancer, a younger sibling and is being raised by her widower father. Samantha Jones to a degree as well, as she is merely a bouncer worker of odd jobs. In an AMA on Reddit, the boys acknowledged the car did give them actual problems (the brakeline once broke while shooting it driving down an actual street), but still runs to this day. Anachronism Stew: The show is set in modern day, but much of the things in the show are very outdated. Most of the cars are from the 80s, when the boys play video games on occasion its always an older system like the NES, and even when they get cell phones they are always many years out of date.

Evil Detecting Dog: In “Under Pressure”, Lady Penelope’s usually friendly lapdog reacts aggressively to a corporate executive who turns out to be the Hood in disguise. Evil Gloating: The Hood has a bad case of this in “Unplugged”, where he starts gloating to his pawns about how he’s used them for his own purposes as soon as he’s got his hands on the MacGuffin while they’re all still standing in the vault where it was stored. Fair enough, he goes on to demonstrate that he’s planned his exit, but wouldn’t it have been a good idea anyway to leave the scene of the crime first? Evil Luddite: A group shutdown Thunderbird 2 and the entire city of London in “Unplugged”. Right Hand vs. Left Hand/CIA Evil, FBI Good: The CDC is presented as eager to help but powerless because of lack of information, while Homeland Security is presented as a bunch of Obstructive Bureaucrats which concealed information of previous isopod attacks in order to “prevent panic” and is implied are the ones who ordered the town to be quarantined and left to die, as well as concealed all information of the isopod attack that makes the whole film (to the point that it may have also killed Donna off screen, afterwards, once she released it for us to see). Suicide by Cop: Some victims in a house beg Officer Jimson to shoot them, which he does.

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