Fraidy is already nervous because he’s on his final life

Tropes Used In His Work Include: 10 Minute Retirement: Temporarily stopped uploading in September 2012 due to some back problems thanks to carrying equipment at many events. He resumed uploading in October, although his back problems still persist today. Arch Enemy: BradPhusion in Happy Wheels. Fraidy is already nervous because he’s on his final life, and it doesn’t help that the ghosts of his eight previous incarnations keep appearing to him if he (even accidentally) intones their number. At least one of these ghosts, who was an undertaker in life, hopes to bring Fraidy over to the afterlife. The worst one is Cloud Nine, a Psycho Electro storm cloud who tries to electrocute poor Fraidy. Old Fashioned Copper: Sergeant Bob Cryer was the Dixon of Dock Green type. DI Frank Burnside was the other kind. Only Known by Their Nickname: Although it was once established that his given name was actually Alfred, DC Lines was usually referred to on screen only by his nick name, “Tosh”.

Replica Hermes Birkin Visitors From Outer Space: Appreciate your friends and what you have, and don’t lie to them. Have Time, Will Travel: It’s best to get the hard work out of the way before having fun. The Monster O’McDonaldland Loch: Some things have to be kept secret and you can’t assume that everyone who doesn’t know you will hate you. Livesey tells Jim that “he’s fine”, he’s also a Composite Character with Billy Bones (both of whom died in the original). It may be subverted when Jim sees the spirit of his father in episode 13, implying that Jim’s father may have passed away while Jim was on the island. Spotlight Stealing Squad: Jim and Jane get many episodes near completely to themselves (both together and individually). Anakin tells her “I am a man, my name is Anakin. I’m very sorry.” Jive Turkey: Qui Gon uses this to talk down to Jar Jar when they first meet up.”I said. You do not intelligent the speak.”. Replica Hermes Birkin

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Groin Attack: Backfires on the Bonk guardsman who kicked Detritus in the rocks and wound up walking with a limp. Implied to be the way Gaspode manages to help Gavin during his fight against Wolf. Half Human Hybrid: There’s a little discussion about the technicalities of werewolves interbreeding with both humans and wolves. Sweet P also uses one during her boss fight. Game Breaking Bug: The Version 1.03 patch introduced a catastrophic glitch where saving on a certain floor of the Landmark Tower frustratingly, one right before a boss fight causes all your saved files to be erased. As of this writing on Version 1.05, it has yet to be fixed. Oh, Crap!: Candace realizing that the Sloth, (which she “borrowed”) is now driving itself back to her house. Reality Ensues: If you put a naked mole rat in straps meant for a human, of course they’ll slip out. Doof himself lampshades this when it does Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.

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