Shops and cafes adorn the narrow cobbled streets

The Jewish Quarter of Girona simply oozes history and atmosphere, and is a great way to soak in the old soul of the city as you explore the area around your group accommodation. Shops and cafes adorn the narrow cobbled streets, which are filled with ancient stone buildings on both sides. Antiquity drips from all corners of the quarter, which is what draws many tourists to the city of Girona in the first place. Girona actually had a rich and vibrant Jewish heritage, a great deal of which was unfortunately wiped out when the Jews were expelled from the city in 1492 the edict of which was only formally revoked in 1968. The government of Spain then offered dual citizenship for applicable Jewish descendants in 2014 as a form of recompense for the ‘shameful’ events from, during and before the expulsion. Their fascinating culture and influence lives on this quarter, making it a must see for any visitor.

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