Spotting the Thread: At one point both Gabe and Yulaw are

There are a few times this trope is averted. When Sheridan is forced to leave in the middle of a very long Minbari meal/ceremony, Lennier mutters something presumably unflattering about Sheridan under his breath. This was left untranslated, presumably because JMS thought it would be funnier if the audience didn’t know what he said. Alter lies she was killed by Palestinians. Not So Different: Her spotlight issue shows how her lives paralleled Yorick’s in many ways, in another series she would have been his soul mate. In this she is the Big Bad and eventually his Arch Nemesis. If anyone could do it, though, it seems like he could. Heroic Sacrifice: According to Marconi, a sacrifice is required to stop the infection once and for all. Dave thinks it’s him.

Hermes Replica Bags Breath Weapon: Shar Makai’s super acid vomit attack. Buzzsaw Good: Animus’ Walk of Pain. Combat Sadomasochist: Animus has attacks which involve self injury, and keeps his Slasher Smile even as the opponent beats him up. Ted (named after Dr. Seuss) less so. Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: O’Hare drops a “damn it” to express his frustration during the climax. Girls Have Cooties: Louis doesn’t actually believe this (having his stash of Playboys and all), but when he sees Alex and Maggie being romantic, he rolls his eyes and mutters, “Diarrhea!” in disgust. Glowing Eyes: Centauri, when not wearing his human prosthetic mask. Good Colors, Evil Colors: Rylos and the Ko Dan sets were set up this way, as told in the DVD Commentary. Needless to say, once Andre recovered, he didn’t take to suffering this sudden illness very well. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Alongside the 5’6″ Robin Wright in The Princess Bride. Insists on Paying: Andr meals were always huge and expensive, since Andr not only had huge dietary requirements, but also a great love of fine dining, and were always accompanied by prodigious amounts of liquor. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Designer Handbags Everybody Laughs Ending: Used a lot. Expy: Rankin/Bass Productions follow up cartoon The Osmonds that copied the formula of this cartoon series, right down to using the same standard dance cycle. Freudian Excuse: The brothers had many of these when it came to dating. Some of the parallel universes are named after mythological figures; Anubis Universe, Monoceros Universe, etc. Spotting the Thread: At one point both Gabe and Yulaw are knocked unconscious and no one can tell them apart. They have a narrow window to send the bad guy to the inescapable dimension and don’t know who to send, until Agent Funsch sees the tan line from Gabe’s wedding ring. Felix gets sick of milk and opts for a change of pace and asks a street vendor for a diet cola, only to find out he’s out, but offers him a glass of milk instead. Felix refuses, and a crowd notices and forms around him, taking him away and strapping him to a table, stuffing a hose of milk into his mouth and force feeding him chunks of cheese. He bloats him enough to break free of his restraints, but he is so large that can barely outrun the crowd behind him Replica Designer Handbags.

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