The couple, from Lomita, was driving home on the southbound 110

“But at the same time, like going back to the greedy thing, I just want more for us. I want to see Vic [Cruz] in the end zone twice, I want to see Shep [Sterling Shepard] in the end zone twice, I want to see the running backs rush for 175 yards, 500 something total yards, putting up 35, 40 points. Like seeing the Madden numbers almost, video game numbers.

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Cheap Jerseys from china We thought we were going to die.”2016 Southern California Year in PhotosBut the couple was rescued. Three people managed to pull them out of their mangled truck just moments before it was hit once again by an oncoming truck in Carson, about 16 miles south of the Staples Center, where they were coming from a Los Angeles Kings game.It took Reskusich two weeks and a plea on Facebook for help finding her rescuers before hearing from Anthony Palma, Nicole Duran and Jake Sullivan, the trio that Reskusich says saved her and her husband’s lives.Homeowner Holds 5 Suspects at GunpointThe Reskusich family and the trio dressed in Kings jerseys had an emotional reunion Wednesday in Torrance.The couple, from Lomita, was driving home on the southbound 110 Freeway from an Kings hockey game on Oct. 25 when three vehicles, which Michele Reskusich said were street racing, zoomed by and caused a horrific, chain reaction crash that flipped over their truck.Southern California Crimes Caught on CameraThe couple, trapped in their vehicle, was struck by another oncoming truck.”I think we would have been dead,” Michele Reskusich said.PhotosBizarre Busts at LAX: Pork Tamales, Giant Snails and MoreBut their prayers were answered when a group of good Samaritans who happened to be driving back from the same game stopped to pull Michele and Glen from the wreck.”We saw some gas on the floor, so we didn’t want to keep them in the car, so we had to drag them out through the passenger side window,” Palma said.How the 2024 Olympics Could Show Off LA’s Natural Beauty”I did panic, but it was more about getting them away from it,” said Duran, who was in tears when she hugged Michele Reskusich.Their meeting was made possible thanks to Reskusich’s post on Facebook Cheap Jerseys from china.

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